Selecting Steam Control Valves

Control Products is ready to help you determine the hot water and steam control valves you will need for any new or repair projects. We carry products from all the major, trusted manufacturers. Our experts are familiar with the properties and applications of many different available components and can aid you in the selection process. For example, if you are designing a new system, we can help you choose the proper steam pressure relief valve to ensure safe operation. Please allow us to offer our expertise as well as our inventory for your hot water and steam system projects. We can help you whether you are installing an entirely new project or merely replacing a steam trap on an existing system.

Deciphering Steam Trap Options

Repairs are often the most difficult type of project. Although you may be thoroughly versed in the operation of your steam system, choosing a replacement steam trap model could still be well outside your comfort zone. Even if you know the type of trap you have, whether it's a crossover for an Armstrong steam trap or a Dunham Bush steam trap, you may be looking for an item that is no longer available or simply not in stock when you need it! If the part you need to complete the repair were not immediately available, would you be familiar with the differences between the models currently available from your manufacturer, as well as your options for crossover models from another manufacturer? At Control Products, our experts are ready to help you determine whether Nicholson, MEPCO steam traps, or another manufacturer might be a better choice for your application. Control Products is also able to customize many components, which is particularly useful when replacing parts manufactured by companies that are no longer in operation.

Quality MEPCO Steam Traps

If replacement parts are necessary or you are overseeing a new installation, Control Products can help you find quality components, such as MEPCO steam traps. We have the knowledge and experience you can rely on to help you select the best parts to insure years of safe, efficient operation. If you need specialty parts, such as sanitary steam control valves and traps, we can supply you with the proper equipment. No matter what your application requires, Control Products can help you get the right parts for the job.