Using A Sanitary Steam Trap

A sanitary steam trap is necessary to maintain sterile conditions in steam systems used in food processing or bio-medical plants. Sanitary steam traps are not necessarily the same as clean systems, which use clean, untreated water only to avoid adding pollutants into the environment from chemical water treatments. Instead, a sanitary system is concerned with maintaining a germ free environment. Traps are essential to removing fluids and keeping the system as pure as possible. Control Products offers a range of sanitary steam traps, from alternatives for Warren Webster traps and Spirax Sarco traps, to Ari Armaturen, Nicholson and Mepco.

Crossover Spirax Sarco Traps

Spirax Sarco offers a variety of sanitary components. Stainless steel traps are a great addition to any high purity system and have become a popular choice for biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. Control Products will consult with you about your system requirements and assist you in finding the proper stainless steel trap from one of our quality manufacturers such as Nicholson or Mepco, we can also help you find an equivalent for your current Warren Webster trap, Spirax Sarco traps or steam control valve from another manufacturer.

Trusted Warren Webster Traps

Warren-Webster traps were discontinued in 1969. However, many of the original repair parts continue to be made by MEPCO under the Warren-Webster brand name. Through Control Products you have access to these repair parts! No matter what type of sanitary steam trap your application requires, the experts at Control Products will be able to assist you in finding the products that will best suit your requirements. Contact us today and allow us to aid in the design of your new project or refit of existing systems.