Armstrong Steam Traps Crossover

Armstrong steam traps are manufactured in a traditional trap design, this traditional design is equivalent to many other manufacturers' traditional steam traps. Whether Nicholson, Armstrong steam traps or MEPCO (Dunham Bush) steam traps are right for your project is what the experts at Control Products can help you decide. We can assist you in making the right selection and designing your system for maximum efficiency. If you have a new project to start or maintenance to perform on an existing steam system, begin by contacting Control Products. We will help you with all of your steam and hot water system needs, from boilers to traps.

Control Products can provide you with a variety of steam traps for your project needs. We have many options to help you find the best crossover products available, some of these are reviewed in our crossover charts. These product cross-reference charts are to be used as a "guide" only. All products and selections must be reviewed by Control Products, Inc. before final selection is made. Call us at 1-800-583-6896.

MEPCO (Dunham Bush) Steam Traps

MEPCO, formerly Dunham Bush, steam traps are part of the wide range of steam control products from this well respected manufacturer. Several styles of trap are offered, including thermostatic, radiator, sanitary steam traps and special traps for high pressure systems. Your choice of products will be determined by the pressure your system operates under and the specific requirements you have for the trap, such as space limitations. Control Products represents the full line of MEPCO components; we will be happy to help you clarify your needs, evaluate your options and select the best trap for your application. If there is not a MEPCO product that is right for you, we will help you find something from another supplier.