The Range of Ari Valves

ARI-Armaturen offers a multitude of product solutions tailor-made to your individual requirements with over 100,000 versions of 10,000 products. For more than 50 years Ari valves have been isolating, securing, controlling, and steam trapping around the world. At Control Products, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of steam and hot water system components and we will happily help you become familiar with the dependability and reliability of Ari products. We know that it can be extremely difficult at times to differentiate between the assortments of valves available - but our experts are here to help you! In fact, we will even assist you with a crossover from a Leslie valve, a Watson McDaniel, or an Armstrong to a Spence, Trerice, Nicholson or Ari valve. We only carry trusted manufacturers known for their quality products! Ari valves, for example, are famous for their control valves with pneumatic or electric actuators. We stock Ari Safety Relief Valves and steam traps. However, even Ari is not right for every application, so we also offer other brands such as Nicholson, Trerice, and Spence valves, among others.

Crossover for Leslie Valve

Leslie Controls is a steam system control valve manufacturer. Given their reputation for quality products, we are proud to offer quality crossover valves for your obsolete Leslie valves.

Spence Valve Options

An industry stalwart for decades, Spence Engineering is one of the most trusted names in steam and hot water systems. We carry a full range of Spence valve models including direct operated, main and safety relief valves. We also carry their fine regulators. You will get years of reliable service from all of the Spence Engineering components. Control Products is here to help you with all of your steam and hot water system needs. From Spence and Ari valves to boilers and feedwater return systems you will find we carry everything you need and that we have the experience and knowledge to help you select the best components for your system. Allow us to help you with your hot water and steam system needs.