Wide Range of Spence Valves

Spence Engineering has an impressive 80 year history of innovation in steam valve technology. Control Products is proud to feature Spence valves among our inventory of quality components. You will find several valve types in stock at Control Products including:

  • Direct operated valves
  • Main valves
  • Safety relief valves
  • Control valves and accessories

The experts at Control Products are always available to help you determine which of the wide range of components are the best for your needs. If you are putting in a new system, we can assist in the design process. From a single temperature control valve to temperature regulators and steam boilers, we have the expertise to match the right products to your application. Allow us to offer our knowledge and inventory selection to your new system and you will find that your job will become much easier.

A Reliable Temperature Control Valve

It is critical to keep a system's operating temperature within the proper range to keep it in good working order. A temperature control valve will insure that excessive heat does not lead to leaking or other damage. Unions, traps, and certain types of valves and gauges are all vulnerable to damage created by heat outside their operating range. Control Products can help you select a valve that will protect the entire system. This will not only reduce maintenance but also reduces the possibility of injury due to a steam leak. Control Products is waiting to assist you with your steam and hot water system needs. In addition to a huge selection of Spence valves, we offer the technical experience you need. If you already have a system installed, remember that we also are able to repair many components. Contact Control Products for all your hot water and steam system needs.