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Spence RTD Resistance Probe Thermometer

 Probe Thermometer

The RTD Resistance Probe Thermometer changes resistance in proportion to a change in temperature and be capable of connecting to a device (such as a signal conditioning card) which can convert that resistance change to a standard 4-20 mA signal. Most commonly used in building control and process control systems as well as, systems utilizing the EPC Electro-Pneumatic Controller.

The Electronic Pressure Transmitter is a solid state, calibrated transmitter that measures pressure to +0.5% accuracy. Transmitter outputs 4-20 mA signal; 10-30 VDC unregulated; 100 ohms output impedance. The integral metal diaphragm and polysilicon bridge are virtually unaffected by shock, vibration or mounting. Available in ranges 0-30, 0-300 and 0-1000 psig, overpressure protected.

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 RTD Resistance Probe Thermometer

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