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Spence Kombat Series K

 Control Valve

Spence Kombat control valve has a shutoff option up to 400 PSI without positioner allowing for a broad range of applications. When space is limited the valve's ultra compact multi-spring actuator is ideal for the situation. A 3-15 lb spring ranges in durable epoxy coated pneumatic actuators accommodate most standard input devices. With the option of Kombat's powerful electric actuator, a variety of signals are accepted while providing the best shutoff in it's class. The live loaded V ring packing assembly is self adjusting for convenience. Valve plugs and seat rings made from stainless steel resist wear and corrosion. This valve's optional 3-way body allows mixing or diverting. Kombat meets or exceeds ANSI B 16. 15 Class 250 or Ansi B16.1 Class 125. Also hold ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class IV Seat Leakage codes.
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 Kombat Series K Control Valve

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