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Spence Doctor Series MD

 3-Way Control Valve

Doctor MD

Sizes 1/2" - 12" ANSI Class 125/150, 250
The Doctor MD Control Valve is for use in process control systems for food,pulp and paper, chemical petrochemical & other industries. Other uses include; HVAC systems, feed water and fuel system controls in boiler rooms, packaged systems (OEM) such as heat exchangers, water purification systems & vaporizer, metal cleaning and plating. This valve is especially designed for mix or diverting of clean, dirty, viscous and corrosive liquids, gases and steam.
The Doctor model feature rigid port guiding which dampens vibration and ensures proper seating. A high capacity body design means valve body flow areas are 140% of normal valve, reducing velocities and pressure loss. The balanced plug design of this model provides gradual, stable transition. Corrosion resistant valve plugs and seat rings composed of 316 SS ensure a long life. This valve allows mixing or diverting to suit your application while live loaded V ring packing is self adjusting.

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 Spence Doctor 3-way Control Valve

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