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Type E2 Main Valve

Spence Type E2 Series

Main Valve

The Type E2 Main Valve is controlled by one or more pilots. Available in Cast Iron, the Spence Type E2D pressure regulator is designed to reduce a steady or varying initial pressure to a constant, adjustable delivery pressure.
Normal accuracy of regulation is +- 1 psi. Ranging in size from 3/4" to 12", the type E2D is designed for use in steam plants and district heating systems. The Cast Iron valve is constructed for steam service up to 250°F.
This regulator is capable of single stage, two stage, and parallel reduction.

The adjustable range of delivery pressure is determined by the choice of the pilot adjusting spring as follows:
Type E2D
3 to 20 psi
5 to 50 psi
10 to 100 psi
20 to 150 psi

The main valve and pilot bodies are suitable for maximum inlet conditions as follows:
Type E2D
Connection to 250°F

NPT Screwed Ends


Flanged ANSI 125 pound 15 PSIG

The Type E2D pressure regulator has many main valve accessories available for special order including composition disc (for liquid, air or gas service), and Insulcap insulating jacket. The Type E2D pressure regulator also has many pilot accessories available for special order:
Pilot Accessories
Enclosed Spring Chamber
Adjusting Handwheel
Wall Bracket
Locking Device
Composition Disc
Integral Mount Body
Vacuum Spring Assembly
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