Safety Relief Valve Information

Below you will find our safety relief valve product crossovers. Choose your service and application to find the product you need.

Safety and Relief Valves
Material ASME
Service Application Spence From Spence/Kunkle database Conbraco Farris Consolidated Crosby
Bronze Section I& VIII Steam,Air,
hazardous Gas
Figure 31 6010 19 and 29 Series
Figure 41 6010
Figure 41AA 6010
Figure 41AT 6182,6186
Cast Iron Figure 31 6252 119 Series
Figure 41 6253
Bronze Section
Air & Industrial Gas

Figure 810 912,918 500 Series 1855 1541
Figure 820 913,919 1856M 1543
Stainless Steel Figure 860 911,917
Figure 800
Cast Iron Section
Steam Service Low press steam and hot water Figure 10 930 12 & 14 Series
Aluminum Non Code Air & non hazardous
Figure 15LC
Cast Iron Vacuum Figure 15V 215V
Bronze Section
Air, Gas, Vapors,
Figure 50
Aluminum Figure 52
Cast Iron Non Code Steam Steam Boilers & Lines, PRV Stations Drip Pan Elbow 299 Drip Pan Elbow 1665 EFS

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