Butterfly Valve Information

Located below are the crossover products for butterfly valves. Make your choice of connection and material to find the best product we have to offer.

Buterfly Valve



Connect Material IFC Sure Flow Mueller Keckley
lug ductile
BF32111022 BI125LIDBB BFVLI 66M
lug bz disc BF32211022 BI25LIBB/EB BFVLB 66M
lug ss disc BF323210SS BI125LISSEB BFVLS 66M
wafer ductile
BF42112021 BI25WIDBB BFVWI 65M
wafer bz disc BF42212021 BI125WIDBB/EB BFVWB 65M
waffer ss disc BF42322021 BI125WISSEB BFVWS 65M

This product cross-reference data is to be used as a "guide" only. All products and selections must be reviewed by Control Products, Inc. or by referencing the appropriate product catalog before final selection is made. Control Products, Inc., is not responsible for the selection or cross reference of any product, nor do we guarantee that this information is accurate or up to date.