Legendary Spence Engineering Quality

Quality is extremely important. When a company has an 80 year history of producing quality products, then it is a company you know you can trust. Spence Engineering Company has such a history and that is why Control Products is proud to carry their products. It is easy for us to recommend a Spence valve or regulator to you because we know the tradition of excellence that is built into each item. The Spence lineup from Control Products includes: :

  • Combination regulators
  • Noise reduction equipment
  • Pilots
  • Main valves
  • Safety relief valves
  • Strainers
  • Desuperheaters

Whether you have a new installation or a repair to an existing system, we can help you to find the Spence components that you need to ensure dependable operation.

Spence Valve and Regulator Dependability

Control Products always has a wide selection of Spence valve and regulator models in stock and ready to ship. You will find, for example, both main control valves and regulators available as single pieces or in pre-assembled configurations. These include pressure regulators, temperature regulators or both so you can provide the control you need for your application in a single, ready to purchase, package. If you are unsure which part or package is best suited for your needs, Control Products professionals are always available to help you with the design and sizing of your system. Our staff is familiar with the specific attributes of each component so you do not have to waste time with needless research. Control Products is ready to help you with your next installation or repair project. Contact us today to begin the process of installing quality Spence Engineering components. When your system is built or repaired with Spence parts, you will know that it is something that you can rely on for years of dependable, safe service.