Parker Boiler Information

106 BJSSV Series

Model 106 Packaged Automatic Boiler

Model 106 Boiler Return Systems protect against the return of polluted water into a city system while offering both cost and space savings. These rugged vertical systems feature welded stainless steel tanks, rigid, one-piece 1-1/4" carbon steel frames and easy to maintain float assemblies, which do not require tank drainage for service.

Aero non-siphon air gap return systems include; a linkage connecting rod, cold water inlet, vent with safety bar, an easy access plate, condensate return, air gap tube, float, make up valve, suction ball valve, strainer, sight glass, and a conveniently located pump discharge. Units are supplied with Aero Pumps, featuring self adjusting stainless steel impellers or all stainless construction for extended service life and a unique design that promotes greater pump discharge pressure while simultaneously reducing vapor lock concerns.

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