Find the Right Temperature Regulator

Control Products offers a variety of actuator sizes and options as well as a broad selection of valves in many sizes. We also carry direct acting, reverse acting, and three-way action regulators available in brass, steel, and stainless steel. This wide variety of options allows you to select a regulator and valve that is correct for your application. Selecting the right temperature regulator or pressure control valve requires a systematic approach. There are initial questions that must be answered before you begin your selection process. Some of which are:

  • Is the application for heating or cooling?
  • What is the process (i.e. steam, water, other)?
  • What temperature do I want to maintain?
  • What is the maximum flow required?

When you are ready to choose a temperature regulator, we will happily help you find the best fit for your application. Our experts are familiar with ALL of the items we carry. We pride ourselves on understanding our products' technical capacity, as well as having in-depth knowledgeable about their real world performance, so you will get the best-suited product for your application.

Selecting a Blowdown Valve

Many factors must be considered when selecting components for a steam or hot water system. Even something as seemingly simple as a blowdown valve or pressure control valve needs to be carefully selected to ensure the safe operation of the overall system. Control Products is ready to help you find the correct parts for your new or existing systems. For new installations, we can assist you with the design process. If you have an older system, we offer repair services and customization services to help new parts correctly fit into the existing architecture. In addition to our knowledge on the topic of hot water and steam systems, we have an incredible selection of parts. From a small temperature regulator and temperature control valves to steam boilers, we carry everything you need. Control Products is careful only to represent the finest manufacturers, including ARI Armaturen, Spence Engineering, Parker Boiler Company, MEPCO, Trerice and others.