Selecting Pressure Control Valves

The control valve can be considered the most important single element in any fluid handling system, because it regulates the flow of fluid to the process. To properly select a control valve, a general knowledge of the process and components is necessary. The sizing of a valve is very important if it is to render good service. Systems are designed for the most adverse conditions expected (i.e., the coldest weather, greatest load, etc.). In addition, system components (boiler, chiller, pumps, coils, etc.) are limited to sizes available and frequently have a greater capacity than system requirements. Correct sizing of the control valve for actual expected conditions is essential for good control. The proper pressure control valves are essential for a well functioning steam or hot water system. Any time the system is outside its optimal operating pressure range, whether this means it is too low or too high, is going to be a problem. High pressure is more of a potential hazard, of course, but neither is desirable. Control Products can help you determine the proper valves for your system. If you are involved with a new installation, we can help you with the design, if repairing or upgrading an existing system is your task, our repair and customization services will be as welcome as our large inventory of quality components. We stock only trusted manufacturers such as crossover models for Masoneilan and many other major manufacturers, as well as inventory varying from steam traps and steam control valves to boiler feed systems.

Masoneilan Crossover Valves

Allow Control Products to not only provide you with the components you require but also to assist you in selecting the proper items from our inventory. We have everything you will need - from pressure control valves to boilers. We also have the best customer service in the industry. In stock items ship the same day when ordered by 2 PM Central time and a $15 minimum means you will never need to pad your orders again. Rely on us for all of your steam and hot water system needs.

We have many options to help you find the best crossover products available, some of these valves are reviewed in our crossover charts. Remember that these product cross-reference charts are to be used as a "guide" only, we recommend you contact us to get the best crossover valve for your needs.