Parker Boiler Information

Parker S Coil Heat Reclaimer

Spiral "S" Coil

The Spiral "S" Coil is a device designed to Reclaim Heat from the exhaust stack of gas fired Parker Boilers. On steam boilers it is inserted in the draft hood or barometric damper. The coil is constructed of copper/nickel, which is an extremely strong and durable material. The unit is designed for minimal flue gas pressure loss.

The "S" Coil utilizes the concept of reclaiming the excess heat in order to increase boiler efficiency. Capturing the heat from a boiler stack is a time proven method to raise system efficiency, and to save on fuel because the gas being burned is more fully utilized. The "S" Coil is available for installation on new or existing Parker Steam Boilers. The use of the "S" Coil can raise some boiler efficiencies to 82%.

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