Mepco Condensate Return Systems

Condensate Return Pump

Sentinel® Condensate Pump

SC Sentinel® Condensate Pumps are complete compact assemblies returning condensate to boiler feed receivers or directly to boilers and provide condensate recovery from comfort heating systems or low pressure steam process heating systems where water recovery is economical or a combination of any such systems. Our systems allow greater flexibility in areas where it becomes difficult to properly grade condensate return lines to a central collection point.The Sentinel® protects the environment. It prevents heat and boiler treatment from polluting liquid waste disposal systems by recycling water, chemicals and heat which also reduces maintenance and energy costs.

Product Data
Capacity, EDR 10,000-50,000
Capacity, GPM 3-75
Pressures, PSI (1750 RPM) N/A
Pressures, PSI (3450 RPM) 20-80
Standard Steel Receiver Sizes, Gallons 10, 15, 30, 45, 75
Standard Cast Iron Tank Sizes, Gallons N/A
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